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2024 Show Specials Product Lines

Industrial Housekeeping Vacuums

– A fully grounded solution for general cleanup.
– Normal everyday use in standard environments.

Ordinary Locations, Unclassified Atmosphere

– Trace amounts of dust.
– Where combustible dust is highly diluted with non-combustible dusts.
– Where no visible airborne dust is present.

Class II, Division 2 – Groups F & G

– Rated for Class II, Division 2 applications.
– Where there is a higher concentration of combustible dust.
– When continuous duty operation is required.

Certified Explosion Proof

– Use where a higher concentration of dust is present.
– For pure combustible dust or dust with a high Kst.
– When airborne dust is present.
– If the atmosphere is rated for Class I, Class II, Division 1.
– When continuous duty operation is required.

MX Series Vacuums

– MX200: Class II, Division 2 Environments – Groups F & G
– MX360: ETL Certified Explosion Proof Vacuums

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