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What Type of Vacuum Should I Use for Firing Ranges?

One of the major concerns at shooting ranges is how to properly remove the accumulated lead dust from weapon discharge. The dust needs to be removed quickly, often, and in a manner that doesn’t stir up the dust or increase the amount of lead particulates in the atmosphere. Another concern is that loose gunpowder can gather in the air, increasing the potential for a combustible dust explosion. For these reasons, it’s important to select the right vacuum for the job. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Use an explosion proof vacuum. This will keep the gunpowder dust from igniting.
  • Use a HEPA vacuum. This will ensure that lead particulates don’t saturate the atmosphere, leading to the increased risk of lead exposure to you and your employees.
  • Select a certified vacuum from a company with extensive experience and multiple servicing locations.
  • Make housekeeping and upkeep of the range a part of the daily routine.

Other things to keep in mind are the ventilation at the range. Make sure air can get easily into and out of the range to prevent a closed-off, bomb-like environment. Make sure your staff is aware of the dangers of combustible dust and introduce them to the new housekeeping schedule if one is being implemented. By following these guidelines for selecting an explosion proof vacuum for a firing range, you can significantly decrease the chance of having a dangerous accident in your facility.