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Which Vacuum Should I Use for Steel Shot Dust?

Steel shot is a very heavy material. When it comes to performing housekeeping for anyone working around this application in their facility, this can propose a weighty problem. Most ordinary vacuums are not powerful enough to pull steel shot dust up from the surface, nor are they rugged enough to contain it . Steel shot requires an industrial vacuum that is powerful enough to contain it through the use of high pressure suction. It’s a tougher job than most dusts out there, and to better help you understand which industrial vacuum cleaner you should use for steel shot dust removal, Dust In Case has the following recommendations to help you choose the right machine..

  • Choose a vacuum with a high CFM and powerful pressure rating. They’ll make removing steel shot from the surface exponentially easier.
  • If cleaning will be performed where electricity is unavailable, opt for a high CFM air-powered vacuum cleaner.
  • A vacuum featuring compression cast composite housing will prevent denting, breaks or rusting that an abrasive material such as steel shot may cause.
  • Look for a vacuum that features exceptional filtration. This will prevent filter clogs and cut down on costly filter replacements.
  • Depending on the amount of steel shot dust you plan on removing, an optional cyclone drum system may be needed for easier filtration and containment.
  • Accessorize your vacuum system! Floor sweeps and wands can make material handling effortless.
  • Optional HEPA / ULPA filter upgrades provide absolute filtration that can help purify the air you work in.

Additionally, keeping a routine housekeeping program will assist you in reducing the amount of effort needed to clean your facility. Understanding the difference between a regular vacuum and an industrial vacuum cleaner suited for the job is the first step, however. Hopefully these tips will lift the weight off your shoulders (and floor!) in choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner for removing steel shot dust efficiently!