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Ruwac – The safest Post Production Cleanup solution.

Ruwac is the most trusted Industrial Vacuum brand for the Additive Manufacturing Industry with over 34 years of experience engineering and manufacturing immersion separation systems. Ruwac has the mentality that “safety has no compromise” and fully understands the dangers associated with Additive Manufacturing combustible dusts.

Metal Dusts: NFPA 484 Compliant Vacuums Group E Metals

 Best Seller  MX201 – Immersion Separation Vacuum, Class II, Div 2





 Industry Leading  MX361EX – Immersion Separation Vacuum, Certified Explosion Proof, Class I, II Division 1, 2 for group E dusts. See how the MX361EX could be your AM solution!




 Reclaim System  MX361EX Onboard Reclaim System – Industry Leading Immersion Separation Vacuum with a Stainless Steel High Efficiency Cyclone that Mounts Directly on the Vacuum and Allows for Metal Powder Reclaim and Reuse.




 Extraction System  Swing Arm – Capture your Group E Dust at the source. Hands Free, 360° operation, increase production while reducing employee exposure to hazardous metal dusts.




Combustible Non-Metal Dusts: NFPA 652 Compliant Vacuums, Polymers, Dental, Ceramics, Wood

 Best Seller  W150EX – Certified Explosion Proof – Class I & II, Div 1 & 2 for Groups D, F, and G





 Industry Leading  W150 – Continuous Duty, Class II, Division 2





 Portable Reclaim System  by Ruwac is the Manufacturing solution to expensive material waste. The sleek stainless steel non-sparking design. Never throw away expensive materials again with Ruwac’s Portable Reclaim System designed especially for reclaim and reuse of Combustible Group E,F and G Fine Dust.



 Extraction System  Swing Arm – Capture your Combustible Dust at the source. Hands Free, Wall-Mounted Design, increase production while reducing employee exposure to hazardous dusts.




Non-Combustible Dust: Concrete dust, Metal Casting (sand), Jewelry and general housekeeping

 Best Seller  Baby Red Pro – 150 CFM Portable Vacuum with industry leading HEPA 2.0 filtration designed for capturing fine dusts. The perfect Vac for small, non-combustible, Additive Manufacturing applications




 Industry Leading  Red Raider Pro – 290 CFM Portable Vacuum with industry leading HEPA 2.0 filtration designed for capturing fine dusts. The perfect Vac for large, non-combustible, Additive Manufacturing applications




 Reclaim System  HEC-XLT – The Power and Performance of the “Red Raider Pro” Vacuum paired with the efficiency of the Cyclone Pre-Separation System, designed for bulk capture and storage of non-combustible materials.




 Extraction System  Swing Arm – Red Raider Pro with High Velocity Dust Extraction Arm for Point of Source Collection of Fine dusts. Serves a dual functionality of collection and post process dust handling.

Features and Benefits
• Certified Explosion Proof Vacuums are ETL Certified to UL and CSA Standards
• NFPA 484 Compliant Industrial Vacuums
• NFPA 652 & 654 Compliant Industrial Vacuums
• Industry Leading Immersion Separation Systems
• Reclaim and Reuse Systems for Additive Materials
• Point of Source Extraction Systems
• Bonded and Grounded Vacuums and Tool Packages
• Discharge Settling Chambers to Simplify Equipment Maintenance
• OEM Opportunities Available by Request

*Specs subject to change without notice

Accessories Package #EXP151510FCB Included with MX361EX and FRV110 Dust Extraction Arm
Grounding Options for MX Series #GWR022 & #34878 Hose Hanger
Dust Extraction Swing Arm: Part #2004024 Dust Extraction Arm
Onboard Reclaim System: Part #9949120 HEC Transfer System
Discharge Settling Chamber: Part #884023 Hose Hanger
Tool Basket: Part #2517602 Tool Basket
Hose Hanger: Part #90992SS02 Hose Hanger