Concrete, Silica Dust, and Slurry Management

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Ruwac – A tough job requires a tough vacuum.

What is Silica Dust?

Crystalline silica is naturally found in soil, sand, granite and many other minerals used within the concrete industry. Millions of U.S. workers in high risk jobs such as abrasive blasting, foundry work, stone cutting, rock drilling, quarry work and tunneling are exposed to dangerous levels of silica which can lead to serious health hazards in the form of cancer and respiratory issues. OSHA’s changes to current regulations were developed to decrease these risks and minimize exposure to harmful concrete dusts.

Trust in the Best:

With over 30 years of experience, Ruwac knows how important worker safety and cleaning up the job site are, especially for those working with fine, irritating concrete dust and hazardous silica dust. All Ruwac Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaners recommended for concrete and silica dust removal have been in compliance with OSHA’s silica dust standards from the very start. These Portable Industrial Vacuums are ideal for concrete grinders, scarifiers, crack saws and blast machines, just to name a few. Ruwac takes pride in the ability to provide the concrete industry with Portable Dustless Vacuum Systems that can be depended on to last while keeping workers safe and can be custom tailored to suit your business needs.

Red Line – Industrial Vacuum Solutions

 Surface Prep  Ruwac’s Red Line Series vacuums combine superior HEPA filtration with unparalleled performance, offering the best and most versatile intermittent duty industrial vacuum solution for silica dust.   MORE INFO





Alternative Power – Industrial Vacuum Solutions

 No Power?  Ruwac’s Alternative Power Series are rugged portable industrial vacuum cleaners featuring alternative powered engines ready to be used remotely without an electrical source.   MORE INFO





Powerhouse – Industrial Vacuum Solutions

 Silica Dust Vacuums  Ruwac’s Powerhouse CON Series is our highest performing continuous duty vacuum system powerful enough to perform as a central vacuum system but also has the portability and functionality for everyday use.    MORE INFO





Slurry Management – Industrial Vacuum Solutions

 Wet Collection  Ruwac’s Slurry Pro Series  is the industries preferred solution for concrete slurry management.   MORE INFO




Features and Benefits
• Ruwac's Industry Leading HEPA filtration meets and exceeds OSHA Table 1 standards
• External filter cleaning mechanism allows for the operator to clean the filter without exposure to silica dust
• Pro series portable vacuums have 10" rear rough terrain caster wheels for easy mobility
• 1, 2, 3 and 4 motor options, ensuring that we have a vacuum for your CFM needs
• Most of our silica vacuums have a dustpan and a direct bagging option
• Dust collectors feature CFMs recommended by the manufacturer for the specific equipment being operated
• Recommended vacuums meet 25 CFM / inch of blade per OSHA’s requirement for handheld grinders
• Industry leading MicroClean filtration exceeds OSHA silica dust standards with 99% efficiency at 0.5 microns, preventing filter clogs and cutting down on costly filter replacements
• All Pro Series Vacuums come equipped with HEPA 2.0 – MERV 17 at 99.97% @ 0.3 microns and compliant to OSHA’s silica dust standards
• Foot-actuated dustpans or direct bagging collection systems allow for easy, dust-free emptying while reducing user exposure to concrete dust and contaminants