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How to Create a Documented Housekeeping Program

When your factory has a process that involves or creates combustible dust, you need to be on top of housekeeping. Making sure a regular schedule is kept for cleaning up, safely removing and disposing of the dust is essential for keeping your employees safe and keeping your company running smoothly. The schedule – and sticking to it – is the most important part of this process, and by making sure that you are routinely taking action regarding explosive particulates you will drastically reduce the chance of a dangerous incident occurring.

A recent article by Curtiss Quirin from discusses how starting a new initiative like this can often lose its importance over time. What starts off as a big important decision that everyone’s involved in quickly becomes a process that few people or no one adheres to. He recommends the following steps when starting a routine housekeeping program:

1. Pick something important.
2. Involve your people.
3. Establish measurable requirements.
4. Make it visible.
5. Set up an audit frequency.
6. Have the discipline to stay on course.

Each of these steps is essential. Focusing on something important like the safety of employees and the structural integrity of the facility, and then involving the employees who may be in danger, guarantees that they will take it more seriously. Developing and posting goals in an area where everyone can see them will serve as a constant reminder to staff about the housekeeping routine. By auditing the process, you can determine whether or not it’s working and what changes need to be made before something being overlooked turns into a catastrophe.

The final step is the most important – have the discipline to stay on course. By sticking to the plan and maintaining its upkeep, you can possibly save lives. Create your schedule, alert your employees and get it in motion. Every day wasted is another day where a potential disaster can occur. If you have any tips for creating a housekeeping plan for a factory or industrial workspace, share them with us by sounding off in the comments section below!