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Ruwac USA Introduces BA Series:
BA2110 – Battery Powered Vacuum for Alternative Power
Vacuum Systems

Holyoke, MA – Ruwac USA is one of America’s most innovative designers and manufacturers of technologically advanced, superior quality industrial vacuum systems for virtually all industrial applications, including, but not limited to: building maintenance, manufacturing processes, explosion proof safety, fume extraction, dust removal, machine tools, and more.

We have industry-leading filtration systems with innovative design and reliability. Ruwac equipment is suitable for various applications, including protecting workspaces from combustible dust, general housekeeping, and point of source extraction.

Relying on decades of proven performance technology, the BA2110 by Ruwac takes portability to a whole new level through battery powered operation. As part of Ruwac’s Alternative Power Series, the BA2110 is engineered to provide vacuum power where electricity isn’t an option. At 210 CFM, this battery vac is especially great for indoor use without pesky cords or emissions from propane or gasoline-powered systems.

Additional Features & Benefits:

• Battery-powered motor for full mobility without having to rely on power cords and safety for indoor use
• Durable compression cast composite housing will never dent or rust — Guaranteed for life!
• Heavy duty casters, ergonomic frame and base for maximum portability over rough terrain and remote locations
• Industry-leading MicroClean filtration is 99% efficient @ 0.5 Microns — 3-year filter life guarantee!
• Manual filter shaker system allows you to clean the primary filter without having to disassemble your vacuum
• Easy-to-empty 9 gallon foot-actuated dustpan
• Optional HEPA and ULPA filtration for air purification

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