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Ruwac Overview

At Ruwac USA., we specialize in industrial vacuums and only industrial vacuums. Because this is all we do, you can rest assure that quality, design and performance are our utmost priorities. We stand behind every vacuum system we manufacture. We won’t recommend a vacuum system without knowing the application, the amount of use within the application and who will be using the vacuum system. We pride ourselves in providing industrial vacuums that fit your application and exceed your expectations. Established in 1984, Ruwac USA is one of America’s most innovative designers and manufacturers of technologically advanced, superior quality industrial vacuum systems for virtually all industrial applications, including, but not limited to: building maintenance, manufacturing processes, explosion proof safety, fume extraction, dust removal, machine tools and more.

Distributor / OEM Opportunities

With Ruwac’s extensive product solutions and custom engineering capabilities, we can work together to find a vacuum solution that works with your equipment. Let the vacuum experts insure that your process equipment is dust free. Click here to submit a Distributor / OEM Request.

Industries and Applications

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Surface Preparation
  • Abatement and Restoration
  • Flood and Fire Damage
  • Food and Grain
  • Drywall Cutting, Sanding, Repair
  • Automobile Repair & Manufacturing
  • Landscaping

Extensive Selection

  • Standard and custom configurations
  • Intermittent and continuous duty models
  • Portable, fixed and central systems
  • Dry, wet and wet/dry units
  • Electric, air, gasoline and propane power options
  • Explosion proof electric motors available
  • Optional HEPA and /or activated carbon filter
  • Numerous application specific accessories
  • Modular construction for design flexibility
  • Common Parts – easily available

Best Value

  • Performance guaranteed
  • Products matched to customer needs
  • Long service life
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Indestructible and dependable
  • Top-quality components

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