All of Ruwac's industrial vacuum cleaners are compatible with a wide variety of accessories. We offer many tools such as vacuum floor tools, hoses, and more individually or in accessory packages, as well as vacuum filter options such as our MicroClean filter and HEPA filter upgrades. If you want to bring your Ruwac industrial vacuum system to the next level, consider our dust extraction swing arm and tool management accessories!

1) Accessory Packages

Ruwac has the package you need whether it be ensuring explosion proof safety for collection of combustible dusts, getting up overhead to clean rafters beams and walls, high temperature oven cleaning applications or General Housekeeping of warehouses and equipment. We have combined our Industry Leading wands, tools and hoses into the ideal packages for your applications. If you need help identifying what package is best for you, don't hesitate to call 413-532-4030.

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2) Hoses

Hoses can do more than just extend your vacuum use further. They're available in a wide selection of styles for your particular application, such as crush-proof, heavy duty, grounded & static conductive and stainless steel to allow you the flexibility to get the job done with no hassle or hang ups.

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3) Tools

For easy clean-ups, our diverse line of tools and accessories will assist your every vacuuming need. These crevice tools, brushes, wands, floor tools and more are available in high quality static-conductive rubber bodies as well as ABS plastic and aluminum for maximum durability and a wide variety of uses.

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5) Filters

Ruwac prides itself in superior filtration combined with our unparalleled performance. If you need a replacement or are simply upgrading, Ruwac offers our industry-leading MicroClean filters, HEPA for air purification, hydrophobic filters, and other specialized units to suit your vacuum needs.

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Blast Gates

Designed to withstand 16 Hg" of negative pressure, our blast gates are truly "air tight" and operate manually or pneumatically. These blast gates utilize a two-part, self-sealing gasket assembly to completely isolate outside air, guaranteeing no air leakage across the valve or into the atmosphere.

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