Specialty Systems

Specialty Vacuum Systems

Our line of specialty vacuum systems are here to suit your particular need for the most dependable and easy dust-free collections. These systems can make general clean-up even more efficient, or are available for specific jobs where a unique vacuum and collection systems is necessary. Need a custom solution? Contact us today. Here at Ruwac, we vacuum everything!

Automatic PreKote System

Automatic PreKote® System

The Automatic PreKote® System can be used when vacuuming oily or sticky substances. This system helps condition your vacuum's filter by dispensing PreKote® into the airstream before it enters the vacuum, thus preventing any bridging of the substance once inside.

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Compact Vac

Compact Vac

Ruwac's Compact Vac offers continuous duty operation ideal for point of source extraction and highly efficient filtered separation that makes removing fine dust particles easier than ever! This low profile system features a single or three phase motor, is portable and can be placed just about anywhere in your facility. Thanks to its quiet operation, you won’t have to worry about it becoming a distraction as it collects dust into a solid all-metal container for quick and clean collection.

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Library Book Vacuum System

Library Book Vacuum System

The preservation of valuable books starts with Ruwac’s Library Book Vacuum System. This specialized vacuum unit is designed to remove dust before books are stored, keeping them clean and extending their shelf life. Utilizing Ruwac’s industry-leading vacuum technology and a table tailor-made to carefully handle everything from special paper materials to torn pages, the Library Book Vacuum System ensures your book collection will last for future generations.

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Powerhouse Direct Bagging

The same powerful Powerhouse Industrial vacuum system but with a direct bagging material collection system for a truly dustless solution.

  • Powerful TEFC motor for continuous duty operation
  • Ruwac exclusive multi-stage turbine
    • generates more CFM using less Hp
  • Over sized 48 SQFT primary filter for an extra level of protection
    • 99% efficient @ .5 microns
  • Direct bagging material collection with optional Longo tray
  • Durable carbon impregnated fiberglass housing
    • will never dent, rust or crack GUARANTEED

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Red Raider XLT Portable Industrial Vacuum and Cyclonic Pre-Separator System

Red Raider XLT Vacuum & Pre-Separator System

The Red Raider XLT by Ruwac combines the power of the WS2320 industrial vacuum with the increased filtration efficiency and collection capacity of the HEC-XLT cyclone drum pre-separator for one fully mobile dust-busting machine. This system is equipped with a 12” cyclone pre-separator and a 30 gallon bagged tipping drum and lifting mechanism for the easy, dust-free removal of large quantites of fine materials thanks to the high performance of the WS2320.

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