BA2110 Battery Powered Vacuum

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BA2110 with Floor Sweep
BA2110 with Floor Sweep
BA2110 with Wand Attachment
BA2110 with Wand Attachment

The BA2110 by Ruwac takes portability to a whole new level through battery powered operation. As part of Ruwac‘s Alternative Power Series, the BA2110 is engineered to provide vacuum power where electricity isn’t an option. At 210 CFM, this battery vac is especially great for indoor use without pesky cords or emissions from propane or gasoline-powered systems.

– Can be used with a 32″ Floor Tool or an Accessory Package with a 25′ Hose.
– Impressive 2.5 Hour Continuous Run Time.
– Fully recharge less than 4 hours with the Onboard 110 Volt Charger.


*Specs subject to change without notice

Motor Rating: DC Rechargeable Battery Pack Motor
Voltage: 48 Volts
Amps: 30 Amps
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Vacuum Rating: 4 Hg"
Volume Rating: 210 CFM
Run Time: 2.5 hours
Charge Time: 4 hours max
Primary Filter Efficiency: 99% @ 0.5 Micron Anti-Static Filter
Primary Filter Area: 13 sq. ft.
Primary Filter Cleaning: Heavy Duty Manual Shaker
Inlet Connection: 2.75" (70mm) w/ Aluminum Cast Deflector
Housing Material: Compression Cast Composite
Casters: 6" Anti-Static Casters w/ Anti-Static Housing
Collection Capacity: 9 Gallon
Collection Pan Release: Foot Lever-Activated Release Bar
Approx. Weight: 305 lbs.
Features and Benefits

Battery Vacuum Technology and Benefits:

A) 110 Volt Smart Charger

  • Charges battery pack in 4 hours
  • Up To 95% Efficiency
  • Waterproof Design
  • Shock Resistant for Storage and Operation
  • Output Over Current Protection
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Charger Over Temperature Protection

B)  Superior Sound Suppression

  • Silencer provides quiet operation while keeping motor cool during operation

C)  Powerful 48 Volt Motor Deck

  • Battery Powered Dual Stage By Pass Motor Deck Assembly

D)  External Filter Cleaning Mechanism 

  • Clean the filter without disassembling your vacuum. Never come in contact with the dust!

E)  Industry leading MicroClean Filter

  • 13 SQFT Primary filter – 99% Efficient @ 0.5 Microns – 3 Year Filter Guarantee!

F) Carbon Impregnated “Bulletproof” Oval Composite Housing

  • Indestructible, fully conductive and will never dent, crack or rust!

G)  Large Vacuum Inlet

  • Large 2.75″ inlet to handle bigger materials and more air flow

H) Portable Design with low center of gravity

  • Maneuver the vacuum without the risk of the vacuum tipping over

I) 9 Gallon Collection Capacity – Removable Dustpan

  • Materials collect into foot actuated Dustpan for easy waste disposal

J) Battery Pack

  • Awesome Long Life – Cycle Life @ 80% DOD > 7,000 times
  • Easy to Charge
  • Welded Prismatic Cell Connections
  • Built in Battery Management System
    (voltage, current, temperature, and cell balance management)
  • 100A Internal BMS
  • Cell Voltage Protection
  • Module Voltage Protection
  • PCB Temperature Protection

  • Battery-powered motor for full mobility without having to rely on power cords and safety for indoor use
  • Durable compression cast composite housing will never dent or rust — Guaranteed for life!
  • Heavy duty casters, ergonomic frame and base for maximum portability over rough terrain and remote locations
  • Industry-leading MicroClean filtration is 99% efficient @ 0.5 Microns — 3-year filter life guarantee!
  • Manual filter shaker system allows you to clean the primary filter without having to disassemble your vacuum
  • Easy-to-empty 9 gallon foot-actuated dustpan
  • Optional HEPA and ULPA filtration for air purification