Discharge Settling Chamber

Discharge Settling Chamber Review (VIDEO)
Discharge Settling Chamber on MX361 Vacuum

Product Overview

Ruwac’s Discharge Settling Chamber is an attachment for MX360 Series Industrial Immersion Separator Vacuums. The Discharge Settling Chamber is a stainless steel sight glass that gives a visual guide of material buildup inside of your vacuum system and mounts directly to the vacuum discharge.

The Discharge Settling Chamber allows MX360 Series Vacuums to run with the sanitary butterfly valve in the open position, enabling dust to “settle” out of the liquid bath and into the sight glass. Simply allow the materials to settle, close the butterfly valve, disconnect the quick-release clamps and empty the Settling Chamber.

The Settling Chamber will save your team hours of vacuum maintenance and will promote a healthier internal vacuum environment by effectively flushing out heavy metals before they can accumulate within the vacuum.

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Features and Benefits
  • Attaches directly onto the discharge of Ruwac MX360 Series Vacuums
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Allows for vacuum to run with ball valve open so that sediment drops out of vacuum
  • Drastically reduces maintenance time and promotes a healthy internal vacuum environment
  • Provides a visual guide to your vacuum’s internal cleanliness