HEC-BG Pre-Separation System
HEC-BG Pre-Separation System Dimensions

Product Overview

The HEC-BG by Ruwac is a pre-separation system that offers all the great benefits of the High Efficiency Cyclone plus a safe, dustless clean-up. This system includes an 8” Airtight blastgate direct discharge that offers easy container-free disposal that ensures dust doesn’t see the outside of the system, thus minimizing contact with potentially harmful materials. The easy-to-open blastgate also allows for quick-emptying and increased collection cycles while forklift pockets, heavy duty casters and a counter-balanced base provide easy mobility. Combined with the HEC’s ability to increase collection capacity and cut down on costly filter changes, the HEC-BG is an efficient solution to fine dust collection.

Features and Benefits
  • Available in 8″, 12″ or 14″ diameters
  • 95(+)% efficient with submicron particles
  • 8” Airtight blastgate direct discharge offers easy container-free disposal while minimizing contact with contents
  • Fork lift pockets for ultimate mobility even under heavy loads
  • Heavy duty 6” casters and H-bracket for easy mobility
  • Included connection hose is grounded and attaches to any Ruwac vacuum
  • For use with 100 – 525 CFM vacuums