High Temperature Silicone Hose


Ruwac’s high temperature silicone hose is made for high temperature applications (up to 540°F) and equipped with a grounded metal connector. This is the recommended hose for oven cleaning applications.

*Choose your hose diameter and length from the table below

Diameter 1′ 10′ 13′


50′ Bend Radius lbs. / ft.
2″ n/a n/a 501713B n/a n/a  1.2″  0.24″

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*Specs subject to change without notice


Diameter: Lengths: Cuffs:
2" 13' Grounded metal cuffs
Features and Benefits
  • High temperature silicone hose
  • Grounded metal cuff
  • Available in 2″ diameter
  • Rated up to 540°F
  • Great for oven cleaning applications