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MXR331 connected and paired with a MX361

Liquid Filtration Systems 

The MXR331 is designed to clean the liquid tank of the MX360 Series Vacuum.

-Designed specifically to connect to an MX360 Immersion Separator
-Cleans the sludge from the liquid bath and return clean liquids back to the MX360
-Run continuously after each shutdown for 30 mins and remove a minimum 95%
of the solids from the liquid bath
-Low maintenance design with easy access to filters
-Filter Bag is easily removable with no tools
-Engineered Micro-Fiber Filter Bag is 95% efficient @ 1 Micron
-Extended life on the system
-Self-Priming, Self-Cleaning, and Semi-Open Impeller Pump
-Remove solids from the Liquid Bath so that the liquid can be used multiple times
-Allows you to use your liquids longer eliminating potential hazardous wastes


*Specs subject to change without notice


Motor Rating: Power: AMPS: Hp: Flow: Filter Efficiency : Filter Capacity:
TEFC Motor 120/1/60 9FLA 0.5 Hp 33 GPM 95% @ 1 Micron 3 Liters
Features and Benefits

MXR331 Vacuum Technology and Benefits:

A) Motor Starter
-Turn Style On / Off Switch
-Class 10 motor overload protection
-10′ power cable

B) Fully enclosed TEFC motor
-Rated for continuous use
-9 FLA

C) High Pressure Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump
-33 GPM, 75 PSI
-Self-Priming, Self-Cleaning, and Semi-Open Impeller
-Designed specifically for solids handling and dirty liquids

D) Portable design with low center of gravity
-Stainless Steel Frame with anti-static casters

E) Pump Discharge Outlet
-Clear flexible hose – 3/4″x7′
-Connects directly to MX Vacuum liquid fill port with threaded connection

F) Engineered Micro-Fiber Filter Bag
-Filter Bag is 95% efficient @ 1 Micron
-Tool-less easy access removable filter lid
-Provides optimum performance and collection under extreme pressure

G) Filter Intake
-Clear flexible hose – 3/4″x7′
-Connects directly to the dirty side of the MX Series Immersion System with a sanitary fitting

H) Stainless Steel Housing
-Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
-Manual Bottom Discharge for clean or maintenance