NA35-S Immersion Separation Vacuum

Product Overview

The NA35-S immersion separator by Ruwac is designed to safely collect conductive metals, explosive or impact sensitive materials or glowing media. With 100% of the intake air being completely submerged in liquids, the chance of an outside ignition source entering the wet mixer vacuum is safely ruled out. Requiring an external vacuum system with at least a 135 CFM and utilizing a liquid-filled system, the NA35-S immersion separator will safely collect and neutralize aluminum, titanium, magnesium, zirconium, mixed metals, sodium azides, TNT, high explosives and other volatile dusts. Ruwac’s exclusive compression cast composite housing eliminates the need for inexpensive drums that are very complicated and high-maintenance. Additionally, the NA35-S can be upgraded with a motor deck at any time to create a self-contained vacuum system.

Features and Benefits
  • Designed to safely collect conductive metals, explosive or impact sensitive materials or glowing media
  • Requires 135 CFM vacuum source
  • Durable carbon impregnated compression cast composite housing will never dent or rust — Guaranteed for life!
  • Hydrophobic filters provide superior sub-micron filtration
  • Hydrogen relief valve allows for the escape of gases
  • Stainless steel ball valve with sanitary discharge fitting easily relieves sludge and debris build up from inside the vacuum
  • Low maintenance design with easy access to filters, dispersion screen and de-misting pad
  • Optional HEPA / ULPA filter upgrades for absolute filtration
  • Optional motor deck upgrade to create a self-contained vacuum system at any time

*Specs subject to change without notice

Motor Rating: Single Stainless Steel Venturi
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Vacuum Rating: 10 Hg"
Volume Rating: 150 CFM
Primary Filter Area: 44 Sq. Ft. hydrophobic
Housing Material: Compression Cast Composite
Casters: 3" Heavy Duty Non-Marking Double Casters
Collection Capacity: 9 Gallon
Power Cable: 30 ft. Cord

*Specs subject to change without notice

D-NA: Explosion Proof HEPA Module w/ Extended Caster Assembly with Antistatic Casters
1007147: Replacement Hydrophobic Filters w/ SS and caps
1560OHDEX: Overhead Accessory Cleaning Kit
-25: Optional Increase Hose Length to 25'
EX-M: Explosion Proof Motor and Switch