2″ Oven Cleaning Package

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Product Overview

High Temperature Oven Cleaning.

We agree, oven cleaning is difficult.  The Oven Cleaning Package by Ruwac is designed for high temperature applications such as cleaning ovens. Ideal for bakeries, pizza shops and any other businesses with high temp applications. Ruwac makes oven cleaning easy.

Package #IND152013HT includes:

  • 2” x 13’ high temp flexible silicone hose. Maximum temp 540°F  #501713B
  • 1.5” x 12” aluminum oven cleaning tool with flat metal bottom  #351512
  • 1.5” x 60” straight aluminum wand with tool coupling to receive the #351512 oven tool  #356160


R150 with Oven Cleaning Kit
Food Grade Brush Kit
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R150 with Oven Cleaning Kit

Food Grade Brush Kit

Oven Cleaning Kit Overview