Red Line XLT: 290 CFM – 470 CFM

HEC XLT - 30 gallon drum open

Product Overview

Red Line XLT: 3 and 4 motor vacuums

Equipped with high efficiency pre-separator

For use with:

  •  25′ – 50+’ of hose lengths
  • up to 3″ hose diameter
  • multi-user functionality (up to six operators for certain applications)
  • rated for medium/heavy materials (60-90+ lbs / cubic ft)
  • general housekeeping in a non-classified environment
  • applications where high collection capacity is required

The Red Line XLT Series:

Every Red Line XLT Series vacuum is extremely portable, fully grounded and non-sparking by impact. The vacuum housings are indestructible and include a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  The XLT allows for an all-in-one vacuum and pre-separation system on a single portable unit with a 30 Gallon Drum for material collection.

Vacuum Benefits:

  • Unique Vacuum + Pre-separator design on a single portable unit
  • Filter 95%+ of sub-micron dust prior to entering vacuum system
  • Extend the life of your vacuum filter
  • Collect materials into large 30 Gallon Drum
  • Increased production and easy waste disposal

The Ruwac exclusive Microclean primary filter is 99% efficient at .5 microns and includes a 3 YEAR GUARANTEE.

Ruwac engineered the Red Line Vacuums to be the LOWEST MAINTENANCE COST vacuums on the market. This means less frequent filter changes, reduced clogging of filters, resulting in less downtime, more savings and more production.

Available Models:

  • RX290
  • RX350
  • RX470

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Motor Rating: Power: AMPS: CFM: H20":
(3) 800 Watt / 3.2 Hp 110/1/60 19 AMPS 290 CFM 75" H20 Request a Quote


Motor Rating: Power: AMPS: CFM: H20":
(3) 1200 Watt / 5 Hp 220/1/60 18 AMPS 350 CFM 91" H20 Request a Quote


Motor Rating: Power: AMPS: CFM: H20":
(4) 1200 Watt Motor / 6.4 Hp 220/1/60 24 AMPS 470 CFM 91" H20 Request a Quote
Features and Benefits
  • 12″ HEC improves efficiency by 95%
  • Increases collection capacity by 30 gallons
  • Pre-separation increases the vacuum filter life
  • The HEC XLT lifts and tips for easy emptying, eliminating the need for heavy lifting
  • Insert a bag into the XLT drum and never come in contact with the dust!