Powerhouse: Propane, 630 CFM


Cut the Cord with Ruwac’s Powerful Propane Vacuum.

Powerhouse Series:

  • powerful 630 CFM propane powered vacuum
  • portable design with 24 gallon dustpan for bulk material collection
  • over sized primary filter for superior filtration and a higher level of protection
  • 25′ – 50’+ of hose lengths recommended
  • up to 3″ hose diameter
  • multi-user functionality (up to 6 operators for certain applications)
  • for outdoor use – bulk collection of materials where power is not present

Designed with maximum versatility in mind, the P637 propane powered vacuum by Ruwac is ideal for applications that require all the performance of a rugged, high quality vacuum without the restrictions of cords and plugs. The P637 features heavy duty casters, a sturdy, ergonomic frame and base that make it possible to move this portable vacuum over rough terrain and remote locations.

More Capacity. More Power.

Along with a foot-actuated 24-gallon dustpan, an impressive 630 CFM and 48 sq. ft. of Ruwac’s industry-leading MicroClean filtration, the P637 provides powerful and efficient clean-up wherever you are.

Retired Legacy Name:

P637Formerly the PV15


*Specs subject to change without notice


Motor Rating: Hp: CFM: H20": Primary Filter Size: Inlet Size:
Propane Powered Motor 17 Hp 630 CFM 80" H20 48 SQ FT Microclean Filter 2.75" Aluminum Cast Inlet with Steel Deflector
Features and Benefits

  • Propane-powered motor for full mobility without having to rely on power cords
  • 12V electric start
  • Durable fiberglass reinforced composite housing will never dent or rust
  • Heavy duty casters, ergonomic frame and base for maximum portability over rough terrain and remote locations
  • Industry-leading MicroClean filtration is 99% efficient @ 0.5 Microns — 3-year filter life guarantee!
  • Manual filter shaker system allows you to clean the primary filter without having to disassemble your vacuum
  • Easy-to-empty 24 gallon foot-actuated dustpan
  • Optional HEPA and ULPA filtration for air purification

*Specs subject to change without notice

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