PreKote® Vacuum Filter Aide


The PreKote® Vacuum Filter Aide distributed in 25 lbs. bags by Ruwac is an inert and dry powder. The purpose of PreKote® is to coat and condition fabric filters when introduced into the air stream of your vacuum system, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

PreKote® can be used as the initial control layer to precondition fabric filters during start-ups. It can also help maximize collection efficiency through the continuous injection of it into the air stream to blend with the process dust.

What’s unique about Ruwac’s PreKote® Filter Aide is its uniform three-dimensional, porous dust cake, ideal for optimal baghouse operation. With a multi-walled, curved formation of varying shapes and sizes, Ruwac’s PreKote® provides a well balanced distribution of particles that increases air flow, reducing differential pressure and energy costs for your vacuum system in the process!

Features and Benefits
  • Optimizes airflow and maximizes collection efficiency
  • Protects your fabric filters from bridging
  • High melting point inhibits sparks in the air stream
  • Chemically inert and neutral pH nature helps to absorbs damaging moisture, oils and hydrocarbon
  • 1 lb. of PreKote® will cover over 22 sq. ft. of cloth with a 1/16” coating (In comparison to lime and fly ash that will only cover up to 5 sq. ft. of cloth per pound)