ULPA Filter


If your material requires an additional level of filtration to ensure operator safety and purified air, an ULPA filter is available and easy to install. Ruwac already builds all of its  industrial portable vacuum cleaners using our innovative MicroClean primary filter. At 99.9% efficient @ 0.5 microns, very few particles get past the initial filtering process. This ensures that each ULPA filter will be long-lasting and will reduce the need for expensive filter replacements in the future.


Filter Efficiency: 99.97% @ 0.1 microns
Features and Benefits
  • 99.97% @ 0.1 microns
  • Modular construction makes them easy to install and upgrade
  • Finite filtering purifies air
  • Individually DOP certified
  • Average HEPA Maxx lifespan: 5 – 7 years (w/ the use of Ruwac’s MicroClean primary filter)