Workhorse Quiet Vacuum Series 180 – 300 CFM

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The Workhorse Quiet Vacuum Series by Ruwac includes a special silencer for quiet operation that reduces decibels under 70 dB. Combined with  Ruwac’s industry-leading MicroClean filtration with the ability to upgrade to HEPA Maxx or ULPA filtration, the Ruwac Quiet Vacuum is a maintenance-free continuous duty industrial vacuum ready to run 24/7.

Workhorse Series Single and Three Phase Portable Vacuums

Ruwac USA is proud to manufacture the Workhorse Series, single and three phase portable vacuums. Use our vacuums for general housekeeping, point of source extraction, machine process cleaning and more. These vacuums offer powerful filtration and are continuous duty for 24/7 operation. The manual filter shaker system on this vacuum allows you to clean the primary filter without having to disassemble your vacuum and extends filter life as well as renews air flow. The compact portable design of these vacuums also has a low center of gravity, ensuring that the vacuum will never tip over.

Why Use a Ruwac Workhorse Quiet Vacuum

These vacuums have a thermally protected totally enclosed fan cooled brushless motor that allows for continuous duty for 24/7 operation. The 24/7 continuous duty operation makes this vacuum the perfect option for long duration projects and applications. If you are looking for a rugged vacuum that is dent-proof, rust-proof, and crack-proof, look no further. Our vacuums are durable products made from a compression cast composite house that is fully grounded and sealed to protect against static build-up, backed by a lifetime guarantee! Other vacuum benefits include:

• Best filtration in a portable vacuum. The submicron Micro Clean filter contains 99 % of the dust down to 0.5 microns providing more suction for a longer time with little to no  maintenance.
• Ruwac’s exclusive multistage MaxFlo turbine produces more suction using less horsepower and has a long-lasting 15,000 hour run time with no maintenance required.
• Powerful continuous duty vacuuming. Operation up to 180 CM for continuous 24/7 operation.
• Engineered and Made in the USA!

What Applications do I use a Workhorse Quiet Vacuum for

The most common applications the Single and Three Phase vacuum cleaner is used in are:

  • Class II, Division 2 compliant per NFPA 652 and NPFA70
  • Process equipment that requires continuous duty vacuum.
  • Ultra-fine combustible dust in a non-classified atmosphere.
  • Semi Conductor process equipment
  • Clean Room Vacuum System
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Industrial Vacuums for assembly lines
  • OSHA Compliant for Silica dust
  • Packaging equipment point of source vacuums

Use the Ruwac Workhorse series vacuum to safely collect combustible dust in a non-classified atmosphere. Entrust your industrial vacuums from Ruwac today for long-lasting, durable, American-made products.


*Specs subject to change without notice

WQ180 * Formally DS1221

Phase: Voltage: Hp: CFM: Hg": Filter Size: Capacity:
Three Phase 208, 230 /3/60 3 Hp 180 CFM 5.7 Hg" 13 sq. ft. 9 Gallon

WQ300 * Formally DS1401

Phase: Voltage: HP: CFM: HG": Filter Size: Capacity:
Three Phase 208,230 /3/60 5 Hp 300 CFM 6.2 Hg" 28 sq. ft. 9 Gallons
Features and Benefits
  • Ruwac engineered silencer system with thermal protection to prevent overheating
  • Ruwac exclusive multistage MaxFlo turbine:
    • Produces more suction using less horsepower
    • Designed for continuous 24/7 operation
    • Long lasting 15,000 hr run time with no maintenance required
  • TEFC motor for continuous duty operation
  • Thermal overload for auto motor shutdown temperature class 150
  • Magnetic compact starter with IP65 enclosure and 30 ft. power cable
  • Fully grounded to protect against static build-up
  • Durable compression cast composite housing will never dent or rust — Guaranteed for life!
  • Industry-leading MicroClean filtration is 99% efficient @ 0.5 Microns — 3-year filter life guarantee!
  • Manual filter shaker system allows you to clean the primary filter without having to disassemble your vacuum
  • Easy-to-empty 9 gallon foot-actuated dustpan
  • Optional HEPA Maxx and ULPA filtration for air purification

*Specs subject to change without notice

35193: HEPA Maxx Filter
25143: Minihelic for Filter Monitoring
90992SS: Hose Hanger
25176: Tool Basket
34878A: Retractable Grounding Reel with Stainless Steel Clamp