Industrial Vacuum Solutions

At Ruwac USA, we specialize in industrial vacuum solutions. Because this is all we do, you can rest assure that quality, design, and performance are our utmost priorities. We stand behind every vacuum system we manufacture and won’t recommend a vacuum system without knowing every details, from the application to the amount of use within the application, and who will be using the vacuum system. We pride ourselves in providing the best industrial vacuum will not only fit and exceed your expectations, but with the peace of mind of reliability thanks to making our machines with highest quality materials will find on the market. With a Ruwac vacuum, you get…

  • Virtually indestructible housing
  • Industry-leading filtration backed by a 3-year filter life guarantee
  • Powerful, unrivaled vacuum motor performance
  • Vacuums available in portable, direct bagging, alternative power and mini central designs
  • Certified explosion proof vacuums
  • Custom engineered central vacuum solutions
  • HEPA options for air purification
  • OSHA and NFPA compliant vacuum systems
  • Long service life
  • Ease of use and easy maintenance