Why you need a Ruwac Vacuum

1) The Indestructible Housing

  • Built out of a heavy duty, fiberglass reinforced, compression cast composite housing
    • Engineered to be INDESTRUCTIBLE – will never dent, rust or crack
    • Superior longevity compared to the industry’s alternative “Tin Can”
    • Vacuum Housing GUARANTEED FOR LIFE by Ruwac USA
  • The oval design has been engineered to slow the incoming dust down and drop it out of the air stream
    • Oval VS round leverages cyclonics to make the vacuum more efficient at dust collection
    • This is crucial in preserving our industry leading filters from becoming clogged with dust
  • All compression composite housings are fully grounded and non-sparking by impact
    • Chemically neutral
    • No painting or repainting required!
  • By infusing the Explosion Proof Vacuums with carbon they become completely static dissipative and anti-static
    • Makes it the safest solution for explosion proof vacuum equipment
  • As seen from the video below, larger rounds will penetrate the housing BUT it’s durability is still unmatched

2) Industry Leading Primary Filtration

  • Ruwac’s MicroClean filters are over sized with extra surface area for an additional level of protection
    • 99% Efficient @ .5 Microns
    • ensures long lasting operation
    • DUST FREE operation
    • The lowest maintenance filter on the market
  • Register your vacuum for a 3-YEAR FILTER GUARANTEE
    • Our filtration system is SO GOOD that we will guarantee it for 3 years
    • Save THOUSANDS of dollars in filter changes!
      • *Available for all 13 SQFT and 28 SQFT MicroClean filters
  • View our primary filter options HERE
  • HEPA filter upgrades also available

3) Made in the USA

  • All Ruwac Vacuums are manufactured in Holyoke MA
    • Built with the highest quality components
    • Quick lead times
    • No waiting for things to ship from overseas
    • Replacement parts are quick and painless