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Which Vacuum Should I Use for Mold Remediation?

Spring is just around the corner, and while the warmer weather and longer days are welcome, the winter thaw brings with it unwanted precipitation and unexpected leaks that can result in the formation of mold throughout buildings and houses when ignored. This can damage everything from a structure’s roof, walls, flooring to its insulation. Due to the nature of mold, it can spread quickly, producing allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause negative health effects to anyone coming into contact with it. In extreme cases of mold infestation, a mold remediation expert will be called upon. Mold remediation services themselves are going to need to be cautious when handling it, and will likely use an industrial vacuum cleaner to help assist in the collection of mold particles in these hazardous locations, as a regular ShopVac or vacuum with a sub-par filter system just won’t do the job. Which vacuum should you choose for mold remediation? Here are some key features to look for…

• Use an industrial vacuum with a HEPA filter. HEPA has the ability to return clean air so that you won’t be breathing in harmful dusts or particles that the vacuum is collecting during operation.
Choose an industrial vacuum that provides a safe vacuum environment as well as the ability to handle heavy duty materials and bulkier particles.
• Use an industrial vacuum with dust-free containment and disposal. This way, dangerous air-borne contaminants will not be in contact with the vacuum’s operator.
• Contain and filter harmful materials through an attached pre-separation system and drum collector. These systems will increase your vacuum’s filter life and reduce the risk of clogging.

By learning more about your client’s specific mold hazards alongside the proper measures to be taken and equipment needed to safely remove such a hazardous material, you will not only make a cost-effective decision in remedying the solution, but keep yourself and everyone who occupies the building safe as well. If you have any questions about selecting  the best industrial vacuum for mold remediation work, Dust In Case would love to hear them. Let us know in the comments section below.