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The Compact-Vac by Ruwac offers continuous duty operation ideal for point of source extraction and highly efficient filtered separation that makes removing fine dust particles easier than ever! This low profile system features a single or three phase motor, is portable and can be placed just about anywhere in your facility. Thanks to its quiet operation, you won’t have to worry about it becoming a distraction as it collects dust into a solid all-metal container for quick and clean collection.

Compact-Vac Series:

  • 50 CFM – 220 CFM options
  • continuous duty operation- run 24/7
  • compact stationary design perfect for point of source extraction
  • 10′ – 25′ of hose lengths recommended
  • collect materials at the source
  • designed for small footprint applications

*Specs subject to change without notice


Power: Hp: AMPS: CFM: Hg": H2O":
115-230/1/60 1 Hp 13/6 AMPS 50 CFM 5.9 Hg" 80.2 H2O"


Power: Hp: AMPS: CFM: Hg": H2O":
115-230/1/60 and 230/1/60, 230-460/3/60 1.5 HP and 2 HP 14/8/6/3 AMPS 100 CFM 7.4 Hg" 100.6 H2O"


Power: Hp: AMPS: CFM: Hg": H2O":
230/1/60 and 230-460/3/60 3 Hp 16/8/4.5 AMPS 150 CFM 6.6 Hg" 89.7 H2O"


Power: Hp: AMPS: CFM: Hg": H2O":
230-460/3/60 5.5 Hp 15/8 AMPS 220 CFM 8.1 Hg" 110.1 H2O"
Features and Benefits
  • Continuous duty
  • Compact extraction vacuum system ideal for processing point of source extraction and general shop maintenance
  • Collects dust particles for re-use without cross-contamination
  • Quiet operation
  • Keeps your workplace sanitary and clean
  • Solid all-metal construction ensures durability and longevity
  • Extremely portable low profile design fits any setting and is highly accessible
  • Easy to use, easy to empty
  • Thermally protected motor starter w/ 30 ft. power cord and plug
  • Fully adjustable to 1.25” – 2” hose adapters