Onboard Reclaim System

Reclaim and Reuse Metal Powders with the ORS (VIDEO)
MX361EX Immersion Separator featuring the Onboard Reclaim System
*Includes Discharge Settling Chamber

Product Overview

The Solution you have been waiting for.

The Onboard Reclaim System by Ruwac is the Additive Manufacturing solution to expensive material waste. The sleek stainless steel non-sparking design is built to mount directly onto the Industry Leading MX360 Series Immersion Separation Vacuum.  Never throw away expensive materials again with Ruwac’s Onboard Reclaim System designed especially for reclaim and reuse of Group E Metal Dusts.

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*Now comes standard with the Discharge Settling Chamber!

Features and Benefits
  • Features Ruwac’s High Efficiency Cyclone (HEC) pre-separator — 95(+)% efficient with sub-micron particles!
  • Works with any Ruwac MX360 Series Immersion Separator
  • The Additive Manufacturing Industry Solution to expensive material waste
  • Reclaim, collect and reuse fine metal powders
  • Includes “Discharge Settling Chamber” for reduced maintenance and visualization of material buildup
  • Increase your team’s production while minimizing material waste