Passive Dust Collection Systems for Silos & Bins


RUBV-4 Passive Dust Collector

Experience extreme filtration with the RUBV-4. Equipped with reverse pulse filter cleaning technology, this vacuum system was specially engineered to collect and contain large quantities of fine dusts while filling Silos and Bins. Designed specifically for fine grains, flour, sugar, dextrose, fly ash and other ultra fine dusts during the silo and bin loading.

Self contained- drop in place design

• No ducting required- mount to existing silo or bin
• Self Contained Blower with TEFC Motor
• Custom discharge manifolds to fit your Silo/Bin Connection
• Heavy duty fully welded construction

Oversized specialized pleated vertical filter cartridges

• Smart cleaning technology- pulses only when needed to extend life of filters
• Reverse pulse filter technology automatically cleans filter cartridges, preventing any clogging or build-up of materials
• Tool-free filter access
• 99% efficient @ 0.5 microns filtration
• Long filter life

Optional Explosion Venting
NFPA compliant for the safe handling of fine combustible solids
Fully grounded and sealed to protect against static build-up