Drywall Sanding

R211H Drywall sanding application with 2 operators
WS2220 w/ Bazooka Sander In Action Dry Wall Sanding
R210 w/ Bazooka Sander In Action Drywall Sanding
WS2220 w/ Hand Wall Sander In Action Dry Wall Sanding
R210 w/ Sanding Block In Action Drywall Sanding
R210 w/ Sanding Block In Action Drywall Sanding
R210 w/ Sanding Bazooka In Action Drywall Sanding

Product Overview

According to the CDC, drywall sanding jobs can produce a great deal of fine dust around your work space that can not only be incredibly messy, but poses a health hazard to construction workers exposed to high concentrations of it and in some cases, respirable silica, from the drywall joint compound. This can lead to varying degrees of respiratory irritation with long term effects. When silica is present, workers face an increased risk of silicosis and lung cancer.

The paint used on drywalls is so fine that it can also easily clog a vacuum’s filter system. This is where your average ShopVac just doesn’t cut it, and where Ruwac’s vacuum-assist sanding systems are your safe solution to removing nuisance dust clouds and easily collect fine dust. Ruwac’s drywall sanding vacuums are versatile, multi-purpose industrial vacuum cleaners that will make your job easier while reducing downtime.

These vacuums are available in intermittent duty for occasional on and off use or continuous duty for continuous 24/7 us. Best of all, our vacuums can attach to your vacuum-assist tools, meaning that our units give you the peace of mind that fine dust will be removed directly from the point of source before it even has a chance at escaping into the open air.

  • Never experience ShopVac burnout again with our industry-leading filtration — 99% efficient @ 0.5 Micron captures fine dust without the hassle of clogs, and their long filter lives reduce expensive filter changes!
  • Multi-use and versatile — For point of source extraction as well as general housekeeping jobs to get to hard to reach places
  • Optional HEPA is compliant to OSHA’s silica dust standards
  • For use with vacuum assist drywall sanding tools such as sanding blocks, bazookas and more!
  • Multi-user mini central vacuum systems and custom units also available

Available In:

Additional Benefits:

  • HEPA Maxx Filters (for Abatement, Hospitals, Nuclear, and other applications requiring maximum air purification)