Dumpster Separator

Dumpster Seperator Overview
Dumpster Separation w/ DS2 Vacuum In Action Removing Aluminum Pellets

For collecting very large quantities of material, the use of Ruwac’s dumpster separator will help reduce time and labor while keeping your vacuum filter clean and maintenance free. This separation system will collect and separate both wet and dry materials such as sludge, bulk grains and bulk chips, cement dust from concrete plants, and heavy dusts into a self tipping dumpster (available in ½ to 2 cubic yard capacities) before they reach your vacuum. The dumpster separator features a self-dumping hopper with a counter-balanced return alongside fork lift pockets for easy mobility and disposal.

Features and Benefits
  • Collects large amounts of solid, fine or wet materials in a self-tipping dumpster to help keep filters clean and maintenance-free
  • Inlets up to 6” allow for the collection of large media
  • Air-tight vacuum lid
  • Self-dumping hopper includes counter-balanced return
  • Forklift pockets allow dumpster to be moved and disposed of using any forklift system
  • Heavy-duty casters allow for easy portability
  • Available in ½, ¾, 1, 1 ½ or 2 cubic yards