Ruwac’s Industrial Housekeeping Vacuums are comprised of the Red Line Series intermittent duty, Portable Industrial Vacuums which are fully grounded and non-sparking by impact. The vacuum housings are indestructible and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Ruwac’s exclusive Microclean primary filters are 99% efficient and include a 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

Ruwac USA engineered these machines to be the LOWEST COST MAINTENANCE vacuums on the market. This means less filter changes, less filter clogs, less downtime and most importantly, MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.

Red Line Series Vacuum Benefits:

  • Most durable vacuum housing in the world. Will never dent, rust, go out of round – guaranteed for life
  • Best filtration in a portable vacuum. Filters sub-micron dust
  • Vacuum produces more suction for a longer time before maintenance is required
  • Made in the USA with parts that are made in the USA
  • Compact, quiet, portable and user friendly. Cleaner, healthier and safer for operator

Common Applications include:

  • Powder Coating – in a non-classified atmosphere
  • Firing Ranges – lead dust removal in a non-classified atmosphere
  • Bakeries – general housekeeping or to clean out ovens and mixers
  • Concrete Dust – Table 1 applications as well as OSHA silica compliance
  • General Manufacturing  – to clean industrial factories
  • Contractors –  Drywall sanding dust and wood dust
  • Trucking companies – remove dirt and debris from the inside of the truck cabs


The Red Line 9 Gallon Dustpan Style Vacuums are extremely compact and portable intermittent duty vacuums. When the vacuum is in operation, the materials move through the hose and hit a deflector at the vacuum inlet, forcing the materials around Ruwac’s exclusive “oval housing”. This deflection prevents dust and particles from penetrating directly into the filter and significantly reduces the frequency of filter clogs. Once the materials lose velocity, they fall down into the 9 Gallon foot actuated dustpan which can be removed for disposal.

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Ruwac’s Red Line Direct Bagging Vacuums are the ultimate “dustless” solution and a great option when you need a higher level of protection from hazardous dusts. The Bagging Style Vacuum works in the same manner as the Dustpan Style Vacuums except for the materials drop down into a bag rather than into a dustpan. This allows the operator to never come in contact with the dust as they can tie off the bag and throw it away.

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The Red Line Silo Vacuum Systems by Ruwac provide powerful single phase, intermittent duty performance with

  • increased collection capacity from 9 gallons to 30 gallon drum
  • a central dust collection area
  • less frequent emptying of waste

The silo systems are fully grounded to protect against static build-up, and are ideal for industrial housekeeping, work place maintenance, and point of source extraction.

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Ruwac’s Red Line XLT Series have the power and performance of the vacuum paired with the efficiency of the pre-separator, all on one convenient frame. The pairing of the 12″ high efficiency cyclone (HEC) increases the efficiency by 95% and separates heavy material before entering the vacuum, further increasing filter life!

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