Food, Grain and Bakery

FRV1400 Explosion Proof Vacuum
W300EX Explosion Proof Vacuum
FRV1150 Portable Explosion Proof Vacuum
W150EX Explosion Proof Vacuum

Keep Your Process Area Clean with a Ruwac.

The build up of fine dusts from food and grain ingredients can pose very real and immediate threats of a combustible dust explosion inside your manufacturing or storage facilities. Ruwac’s EX Series vacuums are manufactured under strict quality control here in the United States and are certified explosion-proof, intrinsically safe with all parts fully grounded, static dissipating and guaranteed to be spark-free by impact.

Common Materials:

Flour, Starch, Corn, Coffee, Sugar, Seeds, Beans and other Fine Combustible Dusts and Ingredients.

Portable General Housekeeping: Intermittent Duty

 The “Shop Vac Killer”  R150 – Formerly known as the WNS1000, the Ruwac R150 Portable Vacuum is part of the RED LINE PORTABLE Series. Intermittent Duty, 9 Gallon Capacity, 150 CFM.




 Greater Level of Protection  RB210 – Formerly known as the WS2220DB, the Ruwac RB210 Portable Vacuum is part of the RED LINE BAGGER Series. Intermittent Duty, Bagger Style Collection, 210 CFM.




Explosion Proof Portable: 150 CFM  Small Bakery Applications

 Conductive Series  C151 – Ruwac’s C151 Grounded & Bonded Vacuum is part of the Conductive Series. Ordinary Locations, 9 Gallon Capacity.





 Best Seller  W150 – Formerly known as the DS1000, the Ruwac W150 Portable Vacuum is part of the WORKHORSE Portable Series. Class II, Div 2, Continuous Duty, 9 Gallon Capacity.




 Certified EX  W150EX – Formerly known as the FRV110, the Ruwac W150EX Portable Vacuum is part of the WORKHORSE EX Series. Class I, II  Div 1, 2, Continuous Duty, 9 Gallon Capacity.




Explosion Proof Portable: 300 – 500 CFM Large Bakery Applications

 Certified EX  W300EX – Formerly known as the FRV1400, the Ruwac W300EX Portable Vacuum is part of the WORKHORSE EX Series. Class I, II  Div 1, 2, Continuous Duty, 9 Gallon Capacity, 300 CFM.




 Industry Leading  P500 – Formerly known as the DS2720, the Ruwac P500 Portable Vacuum is part of the POWERHOUSE Portable Series. Class II, Div 2, Continuous Duty, 24 Gallon Capacity, 500 CFM.




Wash-Down Area Industrial Vacuum Solutions

 Wet Pickup  H8G110 – Formerly known as the WSP2000, the Ruwac H8G110 Portable Vacuum is part of the SUMP PRO Series. intermittent Duty, 8 Gallon Wet Capacity, 110 CFM.




Central Vacuum SystemsCentral Vacuum Systems

 Cost Effective  Compact Central – Ruwac Compact Central Systems are a cost effective solution for every bakery. With up to two operators, you can bring suction directly to your process area and remove the dust through a designed tubing system, built for your application. The best part is you can UNPLUG at any time and use your Vacuum as a portable system!



 Ultimate Production   Plant-Wide Central – For large process areas with multiple operators, a plant-wide Central System could be exactly what your team needs to keep your work environment clean and productive. Central System can be used to reclaim valuable ingredients for reuse for a quick ROI. Collect into drums, bins or “super sacks”.



Features and Benefits
• Certified Explosion Proof vacuums are ETL certified to UL standards for combustible dust collection Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups F & G
• NFPA 652 & 654 Compliant Industrial Vacuums
• Industry-leading MicroClean filters are 99.9% efficient at 0.5 microns, preventing filter clogs and cutting down on costly filter replacements
• Modular housing for easy filter upgrades such as HEPA
• Under 8 cubic feet certified for indoor use
• Reclaim and Reuse Systems for Bakery Applications
• Point of Source Extraction Systems - No More Clouds of Dust During Mixing and Pouring Processes!