Food, Grain and Bakery

FRV1400 Explosion Proof Vacuum
W300EX Explosion Proof Vacuum
FRV1150 Portable Explosion Proof Vacuum
W150EX Explosion Proof Vacuum

Product Overview

Portable General Housekeeping: Intermittent Duty
 Greater Level of Protection  RB210 – Formerly known as the WS2220DB, the Ruwac RB210 Portable Vacuum is part of the RED LINE BAGGER Series. Intermittent Duty, Bagger Style Collection, 210 CFM.
 The “Shop Vac Killer”  R150 – Formerly known as the WNS1000, the Ruwac R150 Portable Vacuum is part of the RED LINE PORTABLE Series. Intermittent Duty, 9 Gallon Capacity, 150 CFM.
Explosion Proof Portable: 150 CFM  Small Bakery Applications
 Best Seller  W150 – Formerly known as the DS1000, the Ruwac W150 Portable Vacuum is part of the WORKHORSE Portable Series. Class II, Div 2, Continuous Duty, 9 Gallon Capacity.
 Conductive Series  C151 – Ruwac’s C151 Grounded & Bonded Vacuum is part of the Conductive Series. Ordinary Locations, 9 Gallon Capacity.
 Certified EX  W150EX – Formerly known as the FRV110, the Ruwac W150EX Portable Vacuum is part of the WORKHORSE EX Series. Class I, II  Div 1, 2, Continuous Duty, 9 Gallon Capacity.
Explosion Proof Portable: 300 – 500 CFM Large Bakery Applications
 Industry Leading  P500 – Formerly known as the DS2720, the Ruwac P500 Portable Vacuum is part of the POWERHOUSE Portable Series. Class II, Div 2, Continuous Duty, 24 Gallon Capacity, 500 CFM.
 Certified EX  W300EX – Formerly known as the FRV1400, the Ruwac W300EX Portable Vacuum is part of the WORKHORSE EX Series. Class I, II  Div 1, 2, Continuous Duty, 9 Gallon Capacity, 300 CFM.
Wash-Down Area Industrial Vacuum Solutions
 Wet Pickup  H8G110 – Formerly known as the WSP2000, the Ruwac H8G110 Portable Vacuum is part of the WET VAC Series. intermittent Duty, 8 Gallon Wet Capacity, 110 CFM.
Central Vacuum Systems
 Ultimate Production   Plant-Wide Central – For large process areas with multiple operators, a plant-wide Central System could be exactly what your team needs to keep your work environment clean and productive. Central System can be used to reclaim valuable ingredients for reuse for a quick ROI. Collect into drums, bins or “super sacks”.
 Cost Effective  Compact Central – Ruwac Compact Central Systems are a cost effective solution for every bakery. With up to two operators, you can bring suction directly to your process area and remove the dust through a designed tubing system, built for your application. The best part is you can UNPLUG at any time and use your Vacuum as a portable system!

Keep Your Process Area Clean with a Ruwac.

Combustible Dusts:

The build up of fine dusts from food and grain ingredients can pose very real and immediate threats of a combustible dust explosion inside your manufacturing or storage facilities. Ruwac’s EX Series vacuums are manufactured under strict quality control here in the United States and are certified explosion-proof, intrinsically safe with all parts fully grounded, static dissipating and guaranteed to be spark-free by impact.


•  General Housekeeping  –  Portable Dustpan (150 CFM) or Direct Bagger (210 CFM)
•  Oven Cleaning Kit – Up to 540°F Oven Cleaning Package
•  Combustible Dust Applications  – Ordinary Locations, Class II, Division 2,  or  Class I, II  Division 1, 2
•  Wash Down Areas – Wet Only
•  Central Vacuum Systems – Plant-wide Central or “Compact” Central Systems”
•  Dust Extraction Arm – Prevent clouds of dust during pouring, scooping and mixing processes.

Partner with Ruwac:

Ruwac is known as the most trusted brand for safe collection of combustible dusts. We have worked with dozens of bakeries, food/drink processing plants and restaurants over the past 34 years, helping business owners to safely capture their combustible dusts. Not sure if you have a combustible dust? Give us a call at (413) 532-4030.

Common Materials:

Flour, Starch, Corn, Coffee, Sugar, Seeds, Beans and other Fine Combustible Dusts and Ingredients.

Features and Benefits
• Certified Explosion Proof vacuums are ETL certified to UL standards for combustible dust collection Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups F & G
• NFPA 652 & 654 Compliant Industrial Vacuums
• Industry-leading MicroClean filters are 99.9% efficient at 0.5 microns, preventing filter clogs and cutting down on costly filter replacements
• Modular housing for easy filter upgrades such as HEPA
• Under 8 cubic feet certified for indoor use
• Reclaim and Reuse Systems for Bakery Applications
• Point of Source Extraction Systems - No More Clouds of Dust During Mixing and Pouring Processes!