Product Overview

WS2320-HD Portable Industrial Vacuum In Action Welding

Welding can emit a byproduct in the form of Hexavalent Chromium, a hazardous fume produced when working with stainless steel, chrome-coated metals and high chrome alloys. When Hexavalent Chromium is breathed in regularly, it may lead to serious illness alongside breathing and skin irritations. Combined with combustible dust and gases that pose health, safety and housekeeping concerns in the work place, you need a specialized industrial vacuum to contain the issue. To safely and efficiently remove these problems from your work space, Ruwac offers a line of HEPA-equipped industrial vacuum cleaners, certified explosion proof vacuums, and wet collectors:

  • HEPA Maxx filtration purifies the air and reduces the hazardous health effects produced by Hexavalent Chromium fumes
  • Heavy duty portable vacuums feature 11 Hg” negative pressure for the removal of heavier materials such as steel shot and welding slag
  • Certified explosion proof vacuums required for collecting combustible dust and are rated for continuous duty
  • Immersion separators safely collect conductive metals, explosive or impact sensitive materials, or glowing media into a liquid bath while eliminating concerns of an ignition source
  • Optional dust extraction swing arm safely extracts airborne dusts, gases and smoke emitted during manufacturing processes


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