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Case Study: Cornmeal Recovery Vacuum System for Large Bakeries

A large bakery asked Ruwac USA for an industrial vacuum system solution tailored for its primary manufacturing facility that would not only aid in the recovery and reuse of fine cornmeal during the production phase, but reduce labor while increasing the rate of production. Each day, hundreds of pounds of this finely ground material was going to waste in their factory as workers manually wiped away perfectly usable cornmeal off from their hundreds of baking boards, creating a potential airborne combustible dust hazard in the process, and basically throwing away hundreds of dollars daily. Due to the size of the factory and the amount of production this bakery was churning out, it made sense for this bakery to install an explosion proof central vacuum system designed to be NFPA compliant with a collection system that would allow the bakery to safely and hygienically collect the cornmeal into a container for use once more in future baking processes.

Ruwac’s solution arrived in the form of its FA2100 silo central vacuum system with explosion venting and a rotary airlock disposal system. The system is designed with tubing that runs approximately 250 ft. throughout the baking facility, and has 3 sweep nozzles attached to their ends that can be used to vacuum and recover the fine cornmeal dust from the bakery boards instead of relying on personnel to manually wipe it away in order to clean them. This process currently allows the bakery to recover 800 lbs. of reusable cornmeal product daily, saving the bakery thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. The bakery plans to bring a third oven online in the coming months, which will only increase their savings and production. They estimate that by having their new Ruwac FA2100 silo central vacuum system up and operating, the return of investment by reusing cornmeal, reducing labor costs, and increasing productivity will pay for itself within a year!