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Immersion Separation Vacuums

Improved Immersion Separator Technology for Metal Additive Manufacturing

As a leading provider in industrial vacuum solutions for the metal additive manufacturing industry, one of Ruwac USA’s missions is to strive for continuous improvement as the methods of the industry change. As we’ve discussed in the past, additive manufacturing environments are always changing. The main concern, however, is in how they use explosive or impact sensitive materials that may contain an ignition source (such as aluminum, titanium or zirconium) and other volatile dusts that can increase the risk of an explosion, especially when they’re disperse throughout a facility.

This can be resolved through the use of an immersion separation vacuum. The MX300 and MX360 Series in particular are the only immersion separator available on the market featuring a complete self-contained vacuum system for both housekeeping and safety to combat combustible metal dust dangers. With the arrival of the MX360 Series, they are now more versatile than ever!

How It Works

Relying on decades of proven performance technology, the MX300 and MX360 Series collect explosive or glowing media particles entering the vacuum, and immediately mixes them in a turbulent liquid bath. From there, moving air and liquid are rapidly forced onto the materials, submerging and neutralizing them in the process in the vacuum’s hydrophobic and oleophobic water filter system. This process stops already contained materials from finding any ignition source that may be introduced into the vacuum, guaranteeing a safe, explosion-proof work environment.

Options for Every Facility

Evolving with the needs of the industry is of the utmost importance when designing Ruwac’s immersion separation vacuum technology. In addition to Ruwac’s standard line of MX300 Series immersion separation vacuums, the MX360 Series offers additional flexibility and capacity. It features an easy-to-use stainless steel liquid discharge valve located beneath the main housing that acts as the primary source in releasing filtered contents, eliminating any heavy lifting required for emptying out of the equation. Counter-balanced heavy duty casters and its two-stack design provide a maximum portability while the system’s external sight glass remains in place as the go-to detector of liquid levels. For the collection of smaller amounts of metal additive manufacturing dust MX100 Series immersion separation vacuum is also available.

Regardless of your facility’s setup and additive manufacturing process, Ruwac continues to offer the best selection of immersion separator technology to suit your housekeeping and safety needs. Need a consultation on which will work best for you? Contact us today!