Ruwac's industry-leading attachments are designed to transform your vacuum systems into production machines. Ruwac Vacuum attachments can reduce the amount of time your team spends cleaning up, eliminate dust clouds from production processes, increase your vacuum collection capacity, or recycle expensive materials for reuse. Save money and time while getting more done in the process.

Dust Extraction Swing Arm

Dust Extraction Arms

The Dust Extraction Arm safely removes airborne dusts, gases and smoke emitted during the manufacturing process. These vacuum arms are adaptable to almost every portable Ruwac vacuum cleaner or can be wall mounted to a central vacuum system. Collect dust at the source with a Ruwac Dust Collector.

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Floor Sweeps

Ruwac's Floor Sweeps attach directly onto the front of your Ruwac Industrial Vacuum. Increase your production, reduce cleanup time and simplify large surface floor cleaning for fine dusts. Squeegee systems available for wet and Slurry cleanup.

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HEC Pre-Separators


Eliminate downtime and costly filter changes with Ruwac's line of pre-separators. For applications where vacuum cleaner filters may clog prematurely, the use of Ruwac's high efficiency cyclones or a drum separator is a necessity. Whether it be for a new or an existing industrial vacuum system, these pre-separators and drum systems will collect debris prior to reaching the filter.

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Tool Management

Ruwac’s portable vacuums are already completely mobile, but our hose hangers and tool kits provide organizational help with accessories and making moving about while on the job easier!

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