Slurry and Wet Collection

Whether you are looking for the world's most effective Slurry Management Vacuum or are looking for a sump vac to pick up spills and displace water from flooded areas, Ruwac has you covered with our wet vac series Industrial Vacuums.

Slurry Management

Ruwac's Slurry Pro is the industries preferred solution for slurry management.

  • 32 Gallon Liquid Collection Capacity
  • 38 GPM Heavy Duty discharge pump designed for abrasive solids
  • "Bulletproof" compression cast composite housing - will never dent or rust
  • Multiple options for floor sweeps for large surface cleaning
  • 200 CFM powerful motors with portable design
  • Propane Powered Option for cordless operation

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Wet Collection

Ruwac's Wet Vac Series has various options to meet your liquid collection capacity needs and application requirements.

  • 8, 12, 18 or 40 Gallon Liquid Collection Capacity options
  • Some wet models have a discharge pump option
    • vacuum the water and pump it away
  • "Bulletproof" compression Cast Composite Housing
    • Will NEVER dent, rust, crack or go out of round
  • Powerful motors for effective liquid collection

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