Steel Shot

WS2320-HD Removing Steel Shot
AV2000 Overview & In Action Removing Steel Shot
AV2000 In Action Removing Steel Shot
AV2000 In Action Removing Steel Shot w/ 3 Tools

Product Overview

Steel shot is one of the heaviest forms of dust making it a difficult material to remove from the surface.  The application requires an industrial vacuum that is powerful enough to contain it through high pressure suction. Ruwac has been dedicated to manufacturing reliable industrial vacuums specifically for these tough jobs and its line of vacuum cleaners for the steel shot industry are certainly up to the task.  Available in both intermittent duty and alternative power (portable and direct-bagger) designs, these vacuums feature…

    • High CFM and powerful pressure ratings needed to remove steel shot from the surface
    • Compression cast composite housing will not dent, break or rust and is backed by Ruwac’s lifetime warranty
    • Industry-leading MicroClean filter is 99% efficient at 0.5 microns, preventing filter clogs and cutting down on costly filter replacements
    • Foot-actuated dustpans allow for easy, dust-free emptying
    • Optional 32″ floor sweep for effortless material handling
    • Optional  HEPA Maxx filter upgrades for absolute filtration


WS2320-HD Heavy Duty Portable Industrial Vacuum
R300 Heavy Duty Vacuum
AV2000 Air-Powered Portable Industrial Vacuum
W285EX Air-Powered Portable Vacuum
AV2000 Air-Powered Direct Bagger Vacuum
AV2000 Air-Powered Direct Bagger Vacuum