NFPA Compliant Central Systems

With over 35 years of proven installations, Ruwac will customize your central vacuum system with the correct vacuum producer, filtration unit, collection container and tubing system for your needs. Our professional engineers will help you meet OSHA and NFPA requirements to present a safe working environment for your employees and properly collect the material in question. Every proposal is provided with a CAD drawing of the completed vacuum system layout. Whatever your application, we will work with you to provide a cost-effective solution to your vacuuming needs! Reviewing your housekeeping requirements? Let us assist you with a Needs Assessment Evaluation. Ruwac has taken innovation to the next level with the world's most cost effective Central Vacuum Solution. The "Compact Central" system incorporates a Ruwac Portable vacuum designed with tubing and fittings to fulfill your point of source dust collection needs AT A FRACTION OF THE COST of a "plant-wide" Central System.