Dust Extraction Arm – Mounted on Portable Vacuum

Dust Extraction Arm Video Trailer
Dust Extraction Arm used to capture silica dust during concrete mixing
Milk Powder VS Dust Extraction Arm (VIDEO)
MX360EX with Dust Extraction Arm. Application Combustible Dust Aluminum Flake.
High Velocity Dust Extraction - Compilation (VIDEO)
Explosion Proof Vacuum with Dust Extraction arm. Application: Emptying of Mill Bags
Great for Food Processing Source Capture
Dust Extraction Swing Arm
MX360 Series with Dust Extraction Swing Arm
MX361 with Dust Extraction Arm
Dust Extraction Swing Arm
Dust Extraction Swing Arm
Dust Extraction Swing Arm
Dust Extraction Swing Arm w/ FRV1400 (VIDEO)
Dust Extraction Swing Arm w/ WS2220 Removing Food Additive Dust (VIDEO)
Dust Extraction Swing Arm w/ FRV110 Removing Carbon Black Dust (VIDEO)
How to Attach a Dust Extraction Swing Arm to a Ruwac Vacuum (VIDEO)
W155EX with Dust Arm
W300EX with Dust Arm

Product Overview

Dust Extraction Done Right.

Hands-Free Point of Source Extraction:

Ruwac’s Dust Extraction Arm attaches directly onto the vacuum system with 360° of rotational range and is the perfect vacuum accessory for fine dust collection. Turn your industrial vacuum into a portable dust collector.

Watch the Dust Arm in Action as it creates a negative pressure zone within the 30 gallon drum, ensuring that the fine dust doesn’t spill out during pouring and scooping processes.

Adding a Dust Arm to your Ruwac Vacuum system will improve your process efficiency and keep your employees safe from harmful dusts.

Perfect Application for:


*Specs subject to change without notice


Compatible with: Mobility:
Red Line Portable, Workhorse (EX) and MX300(EX) 360° Request a Quote


Compatible with: Mobility:
MX360(EX), Red Line Bagger and Workhorse Bagger 360° Request a Quote
Features and Benefits
  • Portable Point of Source Collection.
  • Portable Dust Collection.
  • Capture Fine Dust and Ingredients right at the source
  • Food grade and combustible dust designs
  • Retractable reach and 350° Swivel
  • Fully rotational 6.75” diameter capture hood
  • Compact design
  • Adaptable to most Ruwac Vacuum Systems!