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Choosing the Right Power Source for Your Vacuum.

Choosing the right vacuum for your unique application doesn’t have to be so difficult.  When you work with Ruwac USA, we promise to make the purchasing experience as fluent as possible so that you can get back to operating your business. When you purchase a Ruwac, you also know that you are getting the World’s most durable vacuum with the Industries best filtration..

Choosing the proper power source is one of the first decisions you will have to make. The table above breaks down benefits of Ruwac’s Vacuums by power source.

  1. If your vacuum needs are mainly for indoor applications look at our Red Line Series!
  2. If you need an explosion proof vacuum look at our different levels of protection.
  3. If you work strictly outdoors our propane powered or gas powered vacuums are what you need!

If you want to speak with a vacuum expert about your unique requirements, please call (413)532-4030

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