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What Type of Vacuum Should I Use for Wood Floor Finishing?

Large amounts of dust produced during wood floor sanding projects can become an airborne nuisance and a potential health hazard to workers. The right industrial vacuum system can eliminate your wood floor finishing dust problems as long as it provides a powerful clean up and high filtration — Something a regular Shop Vac cannot. It’s imperative to select the right vacuum system when working with this type of application so that you and your workers can avoid turning an already messy situation into an even more painstaking task, as well as cut down on valuable downtime and reduce the amount of dust in the atmosphere. So what kind of vacuum should you use for wood floor finishing? Below are a few pointers when selecting an industrial vacuum cleaner system tailored for this specific construction project:

  • Choose an industrial vacuum with a high CFM rating for powerful and fast removal of fine dust particles.
  • Choose a vacuum with proper cooling technologies to ensure long run cycles and the ability to perform a full day’s production.
  • A vacuum with durable compression cast composite housing is ideal for wood floor finishing jobs, as they are more rugged and can sustain construction bumps and portability.
  • Vacuum cleaners that can be used by multiple operators mean more hands on deck and a quicker clean up.
  • Select an industrial vacuum cleaner that can be connected to an adjacent cyclone pre-separator. Pre-separators prevent premature clogging by separating fine dust before it reaches the vacuum’s filter, thus prolonging overall filter life and cutting down on expensive filter changes. The pre-separator’s attached drum will increase collection capacity and make disposals less frequent.
  • Proper filter technology is crucial, considering that wood dust is fine and a challenge for many vacuums on the market. The best vacuum filtration should provide you with 3-years of service without failure.
  • With the right filtration system, HEPA is not required unless you are working with caustic dust such as those including lead-based paint. You do not how have to rely on HEPA with the right primary filter in place, however. If your application does require it’s use, it should guarantee you a lifetime of service.

With all these being kept in mind, your industrial vacuum system will be equipped to make your wood floor finishing job less of a mess than it needs to be. If you any have any questions, helpful tips or suggestions, sound off in the comments section below!