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Early Entry Sawing and how to choose the right Vacuum for point of source collection:

An innovation that has significantly improved the way concrete floors are installed is the early entry sawing process. Early entry saw cutting is a practice used to cut control joints into a freshly placed concrete slab providing a controlled path for shrinkage cracking and when the concrete is stressed. “Green concrete” is a term commonly used when discussing  freshly placed concrete.

Early entry saw cutting is a dry process performed by skilled operators using early entry saws that typically contain a type of skid plate to prevent chipping and spalling of the joints while sawing. Early entry saws use an up-cut saw blade rotation and dust shroud paired with appropriate vacuum system for clearing debris out of the joints and minimizing exposure of harmful dusts to the equipment operators and the environment.

Sawing will typically begin 1-2 hours after placement or when the concrete can support the weight of the operators, saw and vacuum. It is important to saw to an appropriate depth and joint interval and when done correctly this will help provide relief to prevent random cracks from developing. Per the application, it is important to determine the proper early entry saw, diamond blade diameter, width, and bond along with appropriate dry vacuum system designed to work with green concrete.

Advantages of early entry saw cutting allows a contractor to place and cut control joints in the same day allowing the curing process to begin. Additional benefits include increased production, reduced costs, and good looking joints.

What to look for when determining the proper vacuum to pair with your early entry saw?

  • Determine you preferred powerplant; gas, propane or electric.
  • Identify your needed performance requirements based on early entry saw size, diamond blade, and manufacturers recommendations.
  • Filtration matters…Ruwac’s industry leading MicroClean filtration is 99% efficient @ 0.5 microns capturing fine dust without the hassle of clogs. Their long filter life also reduces expensive filter changes while keeping your vacuum operating at max performance.
  • Use a Cyclonic Pre-Separator…a cyclonic pre-separator will improve vacuum efficiency, as systems such as Ruwac’s HEC Series are 95%(+)% efficient at capturing fine dust prior to reaching the filter. These work especially well when working with green concrete to prevent clogging, extending the performance and life of the filter.

Dry Cut with the right Early Entry Saw Vacuum System

A properly sized vacuum will increase the amount of dust being recovered during the surface preparation process. This will minimize the labor and time required to clean up after or between steps helping cut down on labor and adding to your bottom line.

Most important is worker and workspace safety. Minimizing exposure of harmful dusts to equipment operators, fellow tradespeople, and the general public within the area.

A properly sized vacuum = A Higher Level of Protection

Valuable Resources:

A)  Ruwac Early Entry Saw Vacuum Web page

B)  Ruwac Product Brochure and Sizing Charts

If you have any questions about selecting the best industrial vacuum for your early entry sawing application, Ruwac is always here to help.

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