Workhorse: WX306 System, Gas Powered Early Entry Saw Vacuum

Gas powered vacuum - 300 CFM and 12" HEC XLT
XLT - drum open
Early Entry Saw Vacuum

Product Overview

Gas Powered with Large Collection Drum

WX306 Early Entry Saw Vacuum is a specially designed gas-powered vacuum system providing 300 CFM @ 84” Lift/H20 with proven success for the collection of “green” concrete dust during early entry sawing of concrete joints. Recent upgrades include a new heavy duty reinforced throttle cable for extended life and upgraded casters for easy on slab portability.

The innovative design of the gas powered WX306 has the power and performance of the vacuum paired with the efficiency of the pre-separator, all on one convenient frame.  The pairing of the 12″ high efficiency cyclone (HEC) increases the vacuum efficiency by 95% and separates heavy material before entering the vacuum, further increasing filter life!

A vacuum designed specifically for early entry saws.

Retired Legacy Name:

WX306 formerly the GV10XLT, V1000


*Specs subject to change without notice

WX306 Early Entry Saw Vacuum

Motor Rating: Hp: CFM: H20": Capacity: Primary Filter:
Gas Powered Engine 13 Hp 300 CFM 84" H20 30 Gallon Drum 28 SQ FT Request a Quote
Features and Benefits
  • A powerful gas powered vacuum with an external manual filter cleaning mechanism for dustless maintenance
  • 12″ HEC improves efficiency by 95% and increases collection capacity by 30 gallons
  • Pre-separation increases the vacuum filter life
  • The HEC XLT lifts and tips for easy emptying, eliminating the need for heavy lifting
  • Insert a bag into the XLT drum and never come in contact with the dust!
  • Preferred Vacuum designed specifically for dry Early Entry Saw Cutting of contraction or control joints.
  • Flat and wide casters eliminate point loading on Green Concrete
  • Heavy duty locking throttle cable
  • Pre-separator lid lifting mechanism eliminates the need for the operator to handle all while minimizing exposure to dust.
  • MicroClean filtration can hold up to green concrete dust as soon as 1-2 hours after concrete placement.
  • This unit has the flexibility to work with any manufacturers Early Entry Saw