MicroClean Primary Filter

MicroClean Filter

Product Overview

The Industries BEST Primary Filter.

Using Ruwac’s industry-leading MicroClean filtration system in your vacuum is unlike other makers’ which use expensive cartridges that rely on gimmicky reverse pulse filtration. Ruwac’s MicroClean filter outlasts and outperforms them with a proven pleated style and external manual shaker.

Combined with more usable surface and a lower face velocity, this filter prevents dry materials from prematurely clogging airflow. The MicroClean’s innovative design keeps filter integrity intact and in turn, ensures long-lasting, low maintenance, dust-free operation that reduces costly filter replacements.

Technology and Benefits:

  • 99% Efficient @ .5 Microns
  • Pleated filter design – over sized surface area for an extra level of protection
    • Preserves filter integrity
    • ensures long lasting operation
    • DUST FREE operation
  • The lowest maintenance filter on the market
    • Save THOUSANDS of dollars with our 3-YEAR FILTER GUARANTEE
      • Available for all 13SQFT and 28SQFT MicroClean filters 

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Filter Size: Compatible Vacuums:
13 SQ FT R150, R200, R210 Request a Quote


Filter Size: Compatible Vacuums:
13 SQ FT W150(EX), WB150, W180(EX), WB180, WB300 Request a Quote


Filter Size: Compatible Vacuums:
28 SQFT R290, R300, R350, R470 Request a Quote


Filter Size: Compatible Vacuums:
28 SQFT W290, W300(EX) Request a Quote


Filter Size: Compatible Vacuums:
48 SQ FT P150(EX), P180(EX), P290(EX), P300(EX), P310(EX), P380(EX), P500(EX) Request a Quote
Features and Benefits
  • Prevents filter clogs and reduces the need for costly filter replacements
  • 99% efficient at 0.5 micron
  • 3-year filter life guarantee
  • Available in:
    • Standard heat-glazed polyester
    • NOMEX high temperature
    • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
    • Conductive antistatic (woven stainless steel material)