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The Importance Of A Properly Sized Vacuum In Concrete Surface Preparation

When it comes to vacuum assist dust collection or point of source collection, too small can be dangerous and too large can be inefficient and inconvenient.

So… how do you know what’s the proper size?

Sometimes looking at the larger picture is a good idea. There are many items to take into consideration when pairing your point of source surface preparation equipment to a properly sized vacuum.

Indicators Your Vacuum Is Too Small: (or not the right vacuum for the job)

  1. The filter is constantly clogging
  2. You have to empty it too frequently
  3. There is airborne dust during operation of tooling
  4. There is residual dust on the surface

Size and pricing can come into play when a vacuum selection is being made, sometimes shooting for the lowest possible price with no regard for the vacuum’s limitations. Although this selection may prevent airborne dust from escaping the point of source equipment it can create another set of issues…

While preventing airborne dust, an improperly sized vacuum can leave a fair amount of residual dust on the surface. This becomes a problem when material is swept or squeegeed and even worse when the equipment operators and fellow tradespeople walk through the work area kicking dust into the air.

We can all agree that a cleaner workspace is advantageous for the client and tradespeople on site.

Effects Of An Improperly Sized Vacuum:

  1. Exposure to airborne dust and residual dust by operators, workers and the general public
  2. Increased wear and tear / damage on surface preparation tooling
  3. Increased time to complete job 
  4. Increased project costs

When grinding concrete, something that is not always thought about is the layer of dust left on the floor that will lead to premature diamond tooling wear due to the abrasive nature of the concrete dust. The cleaner the surface the better the tool life helping lower consumable cost.

A properly sized vacuum will increase the amount of dust being recovered during the surface preparation process. This will minimize the labor and time required to clean up after or between steps helping cut down on labor and adding to your bottom line.

Most important is worker and workspace safety. Minimizing exposure of harmful dusts to equipment operators, fellow tradespeople, and the general public within the area.

A properly sized vacuum = A Higher Level of Protection

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