Dust Extraction Arm

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MX361 with Dust Extraction Arm
Dust Extraction Arm Dims

Dust Extraction Done Right.

Hands-Free Point of Source Extraction:

Ruwac’s Dust Extraction Arm attaches directly onto the vacuum system with 360° of rotational range and is the perfect vacuum accessory for fine dust collection. Turn your industrial vacuum into a portable dust collector.

Watch the Dust Arm in Action as it creates a negative pressure zone within the 30 gallon drum, ensuring that the fine dust doesn’t spill out during pouring and scooping processes.

Adding a Dust Arm to your Ruwac Vacuum system will improve your process efficiency and keep your employees safe from harmful dusts.

Perfect Application for:


*Specs subject to change without notice


Compatible with: Mobility:
Red Line Portable, Workhorse (EX) and MX300(EX) 360°


Compatible with: Mobility:
MX360(EX), Red Line Bagger and Workhorse Bagger 360°
Features and Benefits
  • Portable Point of Source Collection.
  • Portable Dust Collection.
  • Capture Fine Dust and Ingredients right at the source
  • Food grade and combustible dust designs
  • Retractable reach and 350° Swivel
  • Fully rotational 6.75” diameter capture hood
  • Compact design
  • Adaptable to most Ruwac Vacuum Systems!